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                                                                    Soul Science

Soul is a magnetic field or property which exists in every living creature. It is just like the magnetic property of an audio/video cassette, floppy disk or hard disk.

Inside every living creature this magnetic energy is of different strength and hence diffrent level of consciousness i.e. chaitanya.

When this magnetic field is disturb your soul is also disturb.

This magnetic energy i.e. soul energy stores data of life in every living creature.

Just like when a virus program enters a hardisk it gets corrupt or damage similarly different souls magnetic energy keeps on interfering with life forms and creates problems in life.

In humans when there is magnetic disturbances people get tracks, attacks or commonly known as they get possesed.

Sometimes we find instances  when people talk about re-incarnation and the person claims to have memories from previous births, this is nothing but transfer of that magnetic data on this new soul.

Now the question is where is the so called data i.e. soul energy being stored.

The answer is simple - the entire earth planet is magnetic ball so it remains in it.

Hence when some souls are disturbed or possessed then other souls (saints)  or magnetic fields can correct their polarity and bring normalcy in their life.

This theory is a small step towards understanding soul in a scientific way.

Soul Cleansing

Get your soul  completely healed & cleaned. Our soul cleansing  services will provide you with new life and energy. Being Born Again you are set free of your karmic mistakes.

You are now just a step way from being pure again.

This service is very useful for men & women who are getting married. Marriage is said to be not merely union of bodies but union of soul. So whether it is your first marriage or remarriage Soul Cleansing will make your marital life successful and happier.

For those who are suffering from ailments where the medicines do not work anymore soul cleansing helps the medicines to start working on their bodies thereby reviving health.

For those who have committed sinful deeds knowingly or unknowingly soul cleansing gives them one more opportunity to live life with purity and without any guilt.

For those who are suffering financial losses Soul cleansing provides them with a brighter and richer way to live life.

Above all soul cleansing removes any form of Spellcast, occult attacks or black magic that someone must have done on you.

Remember as our physical body needs to be bathe similarly our soul too needs to be bathe.

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paranormal expert mumbai india black magic solutions evil spirit protection spellcast reversal property healing