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 What is Black Magic (Energy) ?

Energy is generally neutral. It is the charge or the intent behind the energy which creates positive or negative energies. The Universe in inherently neutral but in the earth plane we live in duality. Everything in this plane has a charge whether light or dark, positive or negative, day or night, black or white etc. When the intent behind the energy is to create harm, hurt, division, to conquer, to destroy or to influence someone in a negative manner against their own free will we call these- Dark Energies or Black Magic. These energies do not resonate well within our own energy systems because the battery of our energy is the Soul. The Soul is inherently positive, expansive, healing and unifying and so when Dark Energies or Black Magic enter our systems whether by chance or by others then it makes us feel unwell and out of balance. These Dark or Malefic energies eclipse the soul.

Energy is neutral and cannot be destroyed but it can be transformed. More and more these days we are seeing unscrupulous people using Dark Energies, Black Magic or culturally developed negative energies causing a lot of harm to others due to envy, jealousy, greed, ego or fear. Remember, even our thoughts are really streams of energy and even a small negative thought about someone wishing them harm is Dark Energy.

Please note we are not into black magic, we are fighting against black magic and culturally developed Negative Energy Inflictions from last many years. We are against casting Black Magic and Love spells etc. At Paranormal Solutions & Treatment we specialize in removing black magic, removing witchcraft, healing and curing the black magic, dark energies through our spiritual and healing techniques.

Black Magic is black energy combined of Spirits, Jinn, Hamzad, Movakkil, Devi, Devta, and Evil powers too that’s why it is most faster and stronger, Holy Bible, Holy Quran, Holy Ved and all Holy religious Books tell us about Black Magic It is as true as God, world is growing faster and this is time of Science and Technology that’s why people do not believe in Black Magic and they have come behind the real world even some people do not believe in God so it does not mean that God is no where, some people think Black Magic is evil power it can do only bad works but dear friends it can do all type of works good and bad like it can fix Divorce, Break Up, Relationship, Vashikaran and Revenge etc.

Black Magic is on the rise, is dangerous and can destroy one's health and well being, it can also kill or make the individual commit suicide in extreme cases. When weak determinants of mental capability planet The Moon & analytical power related planet mercury and exact or very close affliction of Rahu/Ketu, Saturn or of the Most Melefic Planet to a weak planets/houses make one vulnerable to BLACK MAGIC (energy).

The innocent soul seldom finds out that he/she has become a victim of Black Magic. If you think you have become a victim of black magic, here are the indications at initial stages of possible Black Magic that will help you understand your situation : 
- Eccentric behaviour, Fear.
- Your sleep is disturbed .
- Fatigue and lack of energy .
- Unrest at work, betrayal by subordinates
- Blockages in the inflow of money. 
- Hopelessness, Disinterest in life .
- You get angry easily for no reason 
- Severe Depression & Headache.
- Dryness of mouth at night 
- Tightness around body parts 
- You start forgetting things in the spur of the moment and experience memory loss. 
- Bad Dreams & strange erection in body at times.
- Your professional career suffers 
- Irrational behaviour of people towards you. 

Advance Stages of Black Magic :  
- You dream of dead bodies and horrible looking people who want to kill you in your dream. 
- Dreams of snakes & dirty birds/ places 
- Waking up suddenly in fear with shortness of breath. 
- Dreaming of falling from Heights. 
- Reciting other religions mantras/rituals.
- The stomach bloats like a pregnant women's belly and the area right above the navel tightens up & when touched feels like a golf ball is in there 
- Tightness/blockage and heaviness specially in shoulders and chest 
- Constant headache
- Separation
- Your complexion darkens 
- Itching, burning and stinging pains in different parts of the body

Final Stages of Black Magic :
- Cancer or other mysterious ailments,
- Excessive alcohol consumption resulting in liver damage 
- Substance Abuse 
- Suicidal attempts or thoughts of self destruction
- Medicines do not work/wrong advice of doctor.

Symptoms pertaining to women only :
- Irritation in the vagina with Leucorrhoea 
- Bruise marks around thighs & vagina ,
- Rape in dreams by spirits with an orgasm that is real, removal of cloths in nights 
- Stoppage of monthly periods, irregular/ painful periods, unable to conceive in spite of overall good physique.
- blockages in fallopian tubes and/or unable to hold the pregnancy resulting in miscarriages. 

Symptoms pertaining to Spiritual People :
- Your interest in the divine consciousness takes a nose dive, loose interest in prayers and meditations. 
- One gets attracted towards unholy desires like homosexuality, Non-vegetarian food/daily intake of liquor/use of drugs, sex & other vices. 
- Sudden violent behavior is quite visible in these individuals. 

As the attacks continue the victim is torn down on multiple levels; gets bed ridden and eventually dies of no apparent medical reason. The doctor's cannot help him/her because the symptoms misguide the doctors into giving the individual stronger treatments with every passing day. If any of the above symptoms match your situation, you should immediately get professional help. There are some specific mantras ,Jyotisha Remedies/Special Power Zodiac Pandent(Kavach)/Gems that can start protecting you immediately.

Here are some precautions that you can take from becoming a victim :
- Do not eat or drink any item from anyone unless the person shares that food item with you.
- Stop intake of Liquor/Non Vegetarian Food/drugs etc immediately.
It is believed that Black Magic is done using your photo, clothes, hair, nails or touching your body or looking straight into your eyes.

Do not give sensitive information to everyone.

General Symptoms of Black Magic (Energy):


1) Victim would like to be aloof and alone always.

2) Will be annoyed and irritated always.

3) Nails will turn black.

4) Shoulders and head pain will be regular.

5) Smell of Scent, liquor or any bad smell will come.

6) Victim would hate to take bath.

7) Will talk to oneself.

8) Eyes will be red.

9) Victim will not feel hungry.

10) Unnatural movement of body parts like stretching fingers continuously or will bite the nails every time.

11) Tulsi plant at home will burn suddenly and will not grow by the time effect is there at home.

12) Hallucination

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paranormal expert mumbai india black magic solutions evil spirit protection spellcast reversal property healing