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Aghori - Reality and Myths, Amazing Fact

Most common perceptions about Aghora and Aghori are— *Aghories are supposed to Be One of The Most Dangerous Saints In Indian Mythology. They Never Wear Any Clothes And Don’t Come Out Generally In Day Time. They eat Human Dead Bodies and Drink wine, involve in sex. Do terrific acts, Eat Water and Food in Human Skull. They Don’t Speak To Anyone, etc.*.

 Is this true? No, not at all! This is totally wrong perceptions / investigation about Aghora . This type of wrong / incorrect information always created confusion and wrong impression among common people’s mind. After visiting many places and studying many books (Particularly of Vishwanath Prasad Singh Ashthana alias V.P.S. Ashthana- Who Spent his 60 years with top Aghori Saints and the Writer of many books on Aghor, which content, probably, the most authentic written material on Aghor, across world ), I would like to clear (with my 15 years diligent research and study) that -- Aghora OR Aghori is not concerned with particular kind of Religion OR dress code OR eating code. Most of the Research scholars say that—Aghora is related with Hindu religion, but it is not true. Aghora is symbolically represented by Lord Shiva, because it is believed that –*The Lord Shiva is the Creator & Destructor of this whole universe*. Apart from -Cremation ground is symbolic representation because of **It always represents the last truth/Destination of a life**. According to devotees and scholars - “ Great Saint, Baba Keenaram (1601-1770) is the Father of modified form of ancient Aghora tradition. The World fame Place BABA KEENARAM STHAL- KRIM KUND, Varanasi -U.P., INDIA, is the Pilgrim and Headquarter/center of Aghora tradition, across world. You can visit this place and can check that there is no dress-code or eating habits visible (as we hear/see/read in TV, Internet, and Magazines etc.). According to World fame Saint , Aghoreshwer Bhagwan Ram alias Avadhoot Bhagwan Ram popularly known as Sarkar Baba (1937-1992) — **Most of so-called, self-made Saints having human skulls, eating dead human flesh , drinking wine and showing magic (Like magicians) are not Aghories. They are just diverted follower **. He has described that **A true Aghori never show His/her spiritual power openly, but uses it very secretly towards human welfare in a very simple and hidden manner**. Bhagwan Ram also said that **Aghori is not the name of danger but the name of purification and having the nature of most kind human being with all powers of this Universe**. Aghoreswer Bhagwan Ram preceded that **A true Aghori always concerned with social cause and devote Himself/herself towards social welfare**. Aghoreshwer Bhagwan Ram, himself , always devoted towards many social services like- Treatment of leprosy patient, conduct marriages without dowry, Manufacturing of Ayurveda medicine, Fought against alcoholism, Give messages towards Nation building program me and aware all kinds of social evil. Aghori is not found everywhere but once in billions. An Aghori having all powers of this whole universe (Regarding creation or destruction). He or She is the supreme authority of this whole universe. 

There is a large difference between a Tantrik & Aghori. Tantra may be a branch of Aghora. Tanriks found everywhere while Aghori is once in billion. There are many people, who are self-made Aghori. But it is totally wrong and misguiding claim made by these so-called persons. Common people think -Tantra is Aghora and Aghora is Tantra, that is totally wrong perception. Common people must think that - If you will eat dead human flesh, Roaming in cremation ground, drink wine and doing something disgusting, making miraculous claim, showing magics - It does not mean that you are an aghori. It is not the qualification of a true Aghori.  Keenaram Sthal, Krim-Kund. Your visit, to this place, will provide you, a lot of facts about this (Aghora) tradition. There is a lot of things about Aghori . In further future, I will write upon a lot but till now, I only can say that - Sensational presentation of any subject can collect/attract a lot of audience or rating points but cannot be a part of truth. After all-----------

Aghora is the highest stage of spirituality and only once in a billion can achieve this.

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paranormal expert mumbai india black magic solutions evil spirit protection spellcast reversal property healing